June 14, 2016

WWDC 2016: Key points & reactions


Sarah Boulton

We’ve scraped the papers for the most important points from Apple’s keynote event

It was Apple’s keynote event in San Francisco last night, kicking off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. We’ve scraped the papers for the most important points and put them all in one place for you – thank us later!

Chief executive Tim Cook and fellow executives revealed software updates for all of Apple's products - iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch and Apple TV - with Mr Cook saying the company's work "should lift humanity".

Despite Cook’s inspiring statement some of the tech trades were underwhelmed with the announcements, with Gizmodo in particular claiming that most of the news from the developer’s conference wasn’t too “earth-shattering”. Although they admitted you “could sense an undeniable change in vision—Apple is finally opening up”.This can be seen most in the annual refresh of the mobile operating system which saw iOS 10 unveiled. Siri has been opened up to third-party developers for the first time, letting users book Ubers, send WeChat messages, and watch sports, all by asking Siri to do it for them – finally making it a genuinely useful assistant some would argue!

The most prominent feature of iOS 10 according to the Daily Telegraph revolves around the Messages app, which has seen its interactivity expanded. Users “will be able to replace words with emoji in a single tap, and send handwritten notes, while special ‘invisible ink’ messages will appear when the screen is swiped, and animations can be added to a conversation that fill the entire screen.”

Other key announcements to note, MacOS replaces OS X and is called macOS Sierra in this iteration. Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, will come to desktop and laptop computers for the first time, as has the ability to pay using Apple Pay.

WatchOS and TV OS have been redesigned too, with the Apple Watch becoming faster and more health-focused, and TV gaining enhanced search.

Big brand keynotes such as Apple’s WWDC offer a perfect opportunity for tech companies and experts in the area to provide commentary – news hijacking as it’s called in PR – do drop us a line if you’d like to speak to us about how we would do this for your business. Email: hello@fanclubpr.com.

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