December 14, 2021

Join us for Humankind's webinar about the techlash


Adrian Ma

Mistrust in tech is on the rise. From failed IPOs and employment disputes to new regulation and shifting consumer demands, it’s clear the industry is suffering from a “techlash”.

Humankind, our corporate comms sister agency will be hosting a webinar on the 27th January 2022, at 10am, which will examine how tech and ecommerce brands can reset and rebuild investor trust after the techlash

Our panel of experts drawn from start-up, investor and communications industries take a look at how tech and ecommerce brands can reset and build investor trust after the techlash.

Hosted by Humankind Comms co-founder and former BT Head External Communications, Dan Thomas, this webinar will be delving deeper into the debate, with a panel discussion including experts from, Hoxton Ventures and Assembly Research.

Our expert panel will discuss:

- Why is trust in tech at an all-time low and what needs to be done to re-build it?  
- With a new tech start-up launching every hour, what do businesses need to consider reputationally to survive and flourish?  
- What can we learn from the reputational disasters faced by companies this year?  
- How much of a role will Environmental, Social, Governance and Purpose comms play in 2022?

To sign up, visit the registration page here.

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