August 5, 2016

Why bother with a new logo?


Adrian Ma

Today we’re chuffed to introduce you to Fanclub’s new look!

I’ll let you in on a secret. Our old logo was made by me in PowerPoint. In. Actual. PowerPoint. I was launching a company, I needed a website and that needed a logo. Needs must.

Today, we right this wrong by launching our new logo, which we’ve developed in collaboration with our clients. The old one had a decent run, representing us for five years. Now it’s time for something new.

Why? Because there are parts of this job we like and we want to do more of; where we can show how PR can deliver more valuable. We believe that a more focussed way of working will help us deliver more of what we like. This is reflected in our new brand.

Reflecting on the output from this agency over the last five years, our favourite works are those that challenged boundaries. We’ve engineered new ways to engage audiences, introduced new measurement metrics, and worked to introduce clients with pioneering propositions.

This is the stuff that get us going: and we’ve more to offer.

PR as a discipline specialises in creating and pitching stories to editors. As an agency, this has primed us with the knowledge and skills for working with sharable stories, beyond media relations.As storytelling has evolved with technology, sharable stories have become even more valuable. When done well, they spark conversations that ignite markets across different channels, leaving a legacy of brand engagement.

For us, doing our job well means two things – being innovative and proactive. Through living by these values, we aim to earn our keep with our clients, our colleagues and our partners, and deliver more of the kind of work that puts a smile on our faces.

Having gone through what makes us tick, our future and how we adapt, we decided our old PowerPoint-made logo just didn't cut the mustard. So we embarked on developing a new logo and brand identity for our agency.


The core of our values remain the same, the desire to do great work that earns influential fans, as the most valuable advocates for our clients. However, the channels have evolved and there’s a greater emphasis on sharable stories. Because of this, the heart has evolved to be more multi-dimensional, and uses shapes from the familiar “share” icon, found on the web.

Today we’re chuffed to introduce you to Fanclub’s new look. Welcome to the future.

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