April 1, 2022

Fanclub becomes a B Corp™


Adrian Ma

We're incredibly proud to share the news that we are now B Corp certified.

Fanclub was built with compassion at its core. Since the very beginning, we’ve been proud to support change-makers. We’ve helped pioneer a packaging-free supermarket, ethical and healthy sodas, fair trade spirits, recycling technology, plastic-free FMCG packaging, and those working to promote circular economies across everything from fashion to technology. We’ve supported food, family, health, and environmental charities. And we’ve worked with like-minded businesses to supercharge the impact of their environmental and social commitments.

But telling these stories is not enough. We need to do.

We want our every action to support the sustainable development of humankind, so we decided to start our journey to become B Corp™ Certified. This was not only a way of ensuring we meet the highest environmental and social standards, but it also commits us to keeping these standards high.

Preparing for this certification was a process of transformation in itself. One in which we’d interrogated every aspect of our business, and reflected on where we can do better. Thankfully we were helped along by Andy Hawkins of Business on Purpose and our board advisor Paul Allen of the Red Dots Consultancy.

We're incredibly proud to share the news that we are now B Corp certified. For us, this is just the start. Maintaining our commitment will take dedication and hard work; already, we’ve had to make some tough choices to balance people, the planet and profit. But we know that, as we help build the future, this is the only way for us to operate.

There’s so much more that we can and should do. Together with our clients, partners and friends, we’re excited about bringing about the change we need.

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