Fanclub awarded PRCA's Gold CMS accreditation



“Alexa, play Gold by Spandau Ballet volume ten”

🎵Always belielivinnnn’, cause you are GOLD, gold🎵

Fanclub has been awarded the Gold Communications Management Standard (CMS) Award for 10 years of continuously achieving a high standard of operation!

The award is a marker of PR excellence in the UK and we’re proud to be recognised for the quality of our working practices. How we work and, more importantly, how we treat those we work with is a key focus for Fanclub, reflected in our agency values be proactive, be better, be compassionate - because being nice gets you everywhere.

And talking about being nice…Francis Ingham, Director General at PRCA had some lovely words for us following the news of our award👇

"Fanclub PR has demonstrated a commitment to sustained excellence in leadership, client and campaign management, diversity, HR and strategic business development. The organisation is fully deserving of its Gold CMS standard accreditation"

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