Getting Wowcher in front of new audiences and ahead of competitors in voucherland

Already a destination for deal-hungry Britons, Wowcher needed to continue to bring customers to the site not just with great deals, but by showing that they understand customers; what they care about, and what they need.

With trust a growing issue for not just customers but potential merchants in the online voucher space, we also needed to shift misunderstandings of the site as a‘quick-fix’ solution for businesses, to retain and grow local and national merchants.

The task for consumer PR was to drive traffic by leveraging our creativity to boost brand awareness and ensure that the PR strategy supercharged SEO. The right messaging, on the right platforms.

Facing an increasingly competitive landscape featuring not only industry-Goliath, Groupon, but newbies recruiting the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio for support (yes, that’s right), it was a challenge- but one we knew we didn’t need any hidden costs ora-list contacts to smash.

With a drumbeat of deals coverage as the foundation, we targeted titles and journalists who wouldn’t usually cover the brand with news using Wowcher’s own sales and consumer trends data.

This was paired with a push in key trade media to educate merchants using thought leadership, sales data and commentary on key issues in retail and beyond.

Earning fans

In our time working with Wowcher, we transformed the brand from a David to a true Goliath.Not only did we increase Wowcher’s share of voice (SOV) against Groupon by a gargantuan 455% over three years, but Wowcher officially surpassed Groupon’s SOV as of January 2020.

In 2019, we secured a mighty 904 pieces of earned coverage across consumer and trade publications, with an average domain authority (DA) of 70 and over 2000 links back to the site- a hefty boost for organic search. We established Wowcher outside of the personal finance media and boosted brand awareness to entirely new audiences- securing deals coverage in the likes of The Metro, The Times and the Telegraph, and news stories in the Daily Mail, Stylist, BBC News and theIndependent.

Wowcher’s sector expertise and industry-leading insight was covered in the likes of Retail Gazette, ManagementToday, Travel Weekly and The Grocer- welcoming new merchants across a range of sectors.