Lucy & Yak

Keeping clothing in circulation through a partnership with Beyond Retro

We’ve been working with independent clothing brand Lucy & Yak to promote its innovative new recirculation partnership with vintage clothing retailer, Beyond Retro, which tackles the growing environmental impact of textile waste by giving clothes a significantly longer life.

The Re:Yak Partnership aims to keep clothing in circulation far beyond the lifespan of your typical piece of clothing - and rewards people for doing so. Customers can trade in old Lucy & Yak products at Beyond Retro stores around the UK, which are then ready to be given newhomes or recycled responsibly, in order to divert clothing from ending up in landfills. 

We secured interviews with the founders across key fashion, lifestyle and sustainability media including highly popular fashion podcast The Industry Fashion.

The UK is by far andaway one of the most wasteful nations in Europe – we discard the same amount of fabric as the weight of the London Eye every single day equating to 745 million kgs of fabric waste each year.

The launch joins existing initiatives from Lucy &Yak which work towards a fully circular economy to tackle the fashion industry’s growing impact on the climate crisis.