PAUL Bakery

Marrying fashion craftsmanship with eclairs to build PAUL’s artisanal credentials

London’s café market is a blood sport. ‘Competitive’ doesn’t even begin to describe rivalries between café chains.

Are differences in each café’s food and beverage offering enough to survive in this market? A study by Copenhagen Business School in 2017found that there is more to taste preference than taste alone. They identified a clear correlation between the level of brand equity and consumer preference.The brand is the secret ingredient to winning.

PAUL’s food is made by craftspeople with French flour. They care deeply about what they create and sell. We were tasked with buildingPAUL’s reputation as London’s artisan French bakery.

As one of the world’s leading artisan French creatives, Jean-Paul Gaultier was an ideal fit for a collaboration. When we discovered that Jean-Paul Gaultier was having an exhibition, we helped PAUL broker a deal with The Barbican Gallery to sponsor the show and secure permission for PAUL’s bakers to create a limited-edition Jean-Paul Gaultier-inspired éclair to launch at the preview event.

Earning fans

The eclair quickly became the most shared ‘exhibit’ at the preview, with guests rushing to share their striped delicacies online.

We ended up securing over 30 pieces of coverage including in Elle, Stylist, Metro, the Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph’s Stella and even VOGUE, helping give PAUL a competitive advantage in the cut-throat world of London’s cafés.