Using TV fandom to get the nation talking about sex toys

How do you get mainstream consumers and the typically reserved British nation interested in, and talking about, taboo subjects like sex toys?

We were tasked with getting the nation to set aside their usual reserve, and get them talking about intimate toys. At the pub, at work and across social media, we wanted to introduce conversations around sex toys to new audiences.

Introducing: Bondara’s Game of Bones “Rubber Throne”. Using the popularity of Game of Thrones as our platform to bring sex toys to the fore, we re-imagined the famous throne as an integrated, multi-faceted, creative campaign built around a very simple picture story.

Earning fans

The result was Bondara’s most successful campaign to date, with the highest levels of customer engagement across offline, digital and social channels.

All of this helped drive an increase of 61% visitors to the site- over three times the target set by the client. This contributed to the greatest uplift in traffic that the company had seen since the business was set up.

  • 50 pieces of global coverage, including Buzzfeed, Metro, MTV and The Daily Star, doubling expected KPIs
  • Almost 350K views of the “making of” video on the Bondara YouTube channel
  • A 61% increase in visitors to the website during the campaign period – biggest uplift of traffic the site has ever seen
  • A 50% increase in Google searches for the brand during the campaign period
  • 77% of all the coverage includes a link to the Bondara website almost 30% above target KPI
  • 29M estimated coverage reach
  • 2K social shares of articles about the story not including mentions from organic social shares outside of the article shares