Oury Clark

Creating a unique voice for straight talking financial and legal advice

Oury Clark is a pioneering professional services firm with over 85 years’ experience in offering commercial solutions to clients, from large multinationals to tiny startups. It provides a unique combination of professional services including legal, accounting, tax, financial, payroll & recruitment. After all, do you want a lawyer that doesn’t understand finance, an accountant that doesn’t understand the law? No, nor do they.

At the heart of Fanclub’s relationship with Oury Clark is a B2B and consumer content engine. We work with them across:

Podcasts. Business Without Bullshit - an unapologetically frank approach to the highs and lows of modern business. As well as content strategy and executive production we work with the team on strategy and execution for:

  • Web, social & PR content
  • specials and events
  • paid promotion (PPC, Social, Audio)

Web Development & Site Builds.  Our shared ambition with the client is to build BWB into a stand alone media brand in its own right. As a step on this process in H2 2022 we specced, briefed, oversaw (and largely wrote) the creation of a stand alone website for the BWB brand to help it reach even wider audiences.

We are also currently overseeing the rebuild of the main Oury Clark web presence.

B2B Content Strategy & Execution - creating and managing a whole marketing ecosystem of content that can be repurposed across web, social and events as well as external and internal presentations. The content includes Quick Guides/Explainers, Blogs, SEO friendly articles (and managing PPC/Social campaigns alongside the content)

Mockumentary (because employer branding sounds dull) - A key part of the Oury Clark brand is humour, and it is something that they look for in candidates when hiring. In a competitive, increasingly commoditised recruitment market we needed a way to:

  • Communicate the essence of the “Oury Clark” attitude
  • Stand Out to candidates in a sea of grey
  • Differentiate the client from competitors beyond salary

This is usually the point where people say “hey let’s make a video to show them what we are really like”. Corporate videos usually suck, so we did things a little differently by working with production company WhyNow, to create a short comedy series based on our strategic insight and market knowledge.  You can see the results here.

We also work closely with the team on other aspects of employer branding such as steering their Linkedin output and helping create frameworks to bring the OC brand to life in internal meetings.

Consumer Content & Advertising - in 2002 we devised and launched a consumer facing campaign for their Wealth Management team.  This project took in everything from writing the copy for (and overseeing the art direction of) the ad campaign, through to web build, media activation and campaign optimisation across all touch points.  A key part of the success of this campaign has been the SEO friendly content commissioned via the Club Collective.

Earning fans

Business Without Bullshit 5X growth from Jan 2022 to Jan 2023 (with no increase in advertising spend)

Web traffic doubled year on year.  2.3X growth on homepage traffic - primarily as a result of branded search. Over 20% of this traffic then went on to visit the “Wealth Management”.

57% increase in traffic to the resource library as a result of content and site improvements.

4X increase in visits to the “contact” page year on year.

Multiple job applicants citing the “refreshing” mockumentary approach as a reason for wanting to work at Oury Clark.