Oury Clark

Building a podcast audience and driving social engagement

Oury Clark is a multidisciplinary firm of Chartered Accountants and Solicitors who prides itself on being able processes tricky legal and business issues for its clients and providing straight-up no nonsense advice.

Charged with attracting attention to Oury Clark’s honest, transparent approach todoing business, we unearthed some real stories from their array of interesting and entrepreneurial clients and co-created a podcast

Entitled, Business without Bullsh-t, the content not only captured the attention of their international audience but also the essence of Oury Clark’s entire ethos.

We developed a podcast launch strategy, created the copy for the series, episode descriptions and posting plans for promotion across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Earning fans

Launched inlate August 2020 with the goal of building an audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders globally, we have quickly built momentum and a global audience in all of Oury Clark’s key markets, the UK, France, Spain, US, Canada, and Australia, as well as places like Alaska, India, and Morocco.

On LinkedIn tailored animated clips have been viewed by just under30,000 people and garnered approximately 47k impressions.

In just 2 months from launch, we had got Business without Bullsh-t into the top 50% of all podcasts published on the Libsyn podcast hosting platform.