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Tips for managing stress and imposter syndrome from our in-house coach

By Adrian Ma When it comes to mental health, PR doesn’t get a good rep. In various reports it ranks in the top 10 most stressful careers out there. Throughout my career, I’ve seen the casualties first hand. It’s not pretty. I wanted to do something to safeguard the team’s mental health, and here at Fanclub, we’ve been working…

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Influencer marketing ROI: Audience credibility and the importance weeding out fake followers

By Emily Barnes A recent report from Digiday which looked at influencer fraud, highlighted that a single day’s worth of Instagram posts tagged #sponsored or #ad was found to contain over 50 percent fake engagements. Of 118,007 comments, just 20,942 were not made by bot followers. It’s not surprising that an increasingly competitive industry has…

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6 myths about influencer marketing that are STILL tripping up marketers (and PRs)

By Emily Barnes & Megan Linehan “Reach is everything – it means you’re getting your message out to the most people” Incorrect. It’s imperative to look more closely at who the audience are. There’s no value in getting your content into the feeds of people who aren’t actively engaging with it or aren’t invested in it. If the person seeing the…

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The women who inspire Fanclub

Today is International Women’s Day: a day to celebrate women, a day to highlight the gender inequalities that many women still face, and a day to work together to overcome them. From mothers to daughters, writers to entrepreneurs, there are a wealth of inspiring women who surround us every single day, and we hope to…

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Fanclub’s Top Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

According to Rajar, the UK’s audio measurement company, 6.1 million adults listen to podcasts in every week. Do you?   We certainly love a good podcast here at Fanclub, so here a few of our favourites for you…   Adrian’s picks Where to start…here are just a few to get you started that I listen to…

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What you need to think about when launching a product

It’s crazy to think that 75% of European online shoppers drop off a website when they see a dollar sign. However, unless you look at your site analytics, you’d never know.   Last week Ben Hofman, founder of Atlantic Access popped in to the Fanclub HQ to talk to us about why he’s helping the…

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Fanclub PR win Love Cocoa

It feels like we’ve won the golden ticket at Fanclub HQ, following the announcement of our latest client – Love Cocoa! Founded by James Cadbury (the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury), the luxury chocolate company creates British inspired flavours with contemporary twists, including Earl Grey, English Mint and Maldon Sea Salt. James Cadbury, Founder of Love Cocoa…

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We chat WeChat

By Matthew Taylor As of July 2017, Chinese super-app WeChat had 900 million daily active users, with 50% of those using the app for more than 90 minutes daily. This is more than Facebook, which last year reported its average daily user time was 55 minutes. Lauded for its stickiness, WeChat has moulded a unique,…

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Fanclub x Cision Webinar: Influencer Marketing

As geeks, we’re always seeking out new ways to make our work more effective. Over the last few years, we’ve adapted how we work to leverage new, effective ways to help clients engage with the decision-making process of their customers. Helping our clients set up and manage their influencer strategies is one way that we’re trying…

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The Paleo Foods Co. appoints Fanclub PR

We’re stoked to announce that we’re working with The Paleo Foods Co., a health food brand on a mission to disrupt the breakfast category by moving consumers away from unhealthy, packaged cereals. Instead, its range of natural granolas are free from cereal grains and packed with simple and wholesome ingredients that are low in sugar and low in…

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