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More than a pout: The power of the selfie

By Megan Linehan Entering the grand open space of the Saatchi Gallery and turning left into the first exhibition room, you are met with an unusual sight- a Rembrandt self-portrait on a T.V. screen. The first room of the From Selfie to Self-Expression reframes the masters for the modern era, placing portraits into a screen,…

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Dates for your 2017 calendar

From National Pie Week to Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day, it can be hard to keep up with what’s happening and what’s important. But, don’t fear! We’ve poured over the calendars, and found the key dates every PR person needs to know for 2017 as well as a few extras to help spark…

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Hands up

Spooky campaigns: Witch were killer

By Emily Barnes Spooky puns are devilishly difficult. Ah, Halloween.  Often seen as another of the seasonal bandwagons for marketers and PRs to hop on and enjoy some easy hits from a campaign tenuously linked to their client. But what is Halloween if it’s not fun? By nature, it’s the season of high jinks; to…

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3 PR lessons from Bjork

By Adrian Ma Bjork currently has an exhibition on at Somerset House: Bjork Digital. We popped by to see what this is all about, and have distilled what we learned from her into three lessons for you. 1.      There’s always a new way to engage with your audience. As an artist Bjork pushes boundaries. Her…

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We went to meet YouTube superstars, and Jedward were EVERYWHERE. This is what we learned.

By Emily Barnes On Saturday 13th July, we headed down to the second day of the UK’s biggest annual YouTube event, Summer In The City (SitC). Starting out as a small three-day gathering in London’s parks, SitC is now a huge convention, held every year at ExCel Centre, with thousands in attendance; not only to…

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Emoji Crop Circle

How to help clients be ‘brave’

By Sarah Boulton The Oxford definition of brave is: “to be ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. Sounds pretty intimidating, and sometimes brave PR and marketing ideas can feel a little that way to a client. Clients often have ambitions to be brave, but as the definition alludes to, being brave ultimately…

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Five 2016 sporting campaigns at the top of their game

By Joey Green June and July saw Euro 2016 and Wimbledon hitting our screens, which was an emotional roller-coaster to say the least. We saw England’s embarrassing exit from the Euros 2016 AKA Brexit 2.0, Murray’s Wimbledon win, Iceland’s terrifying Viking clap (it’s why we lost, right? Riiight?) and the infamous scratch and sniff incident…

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Does PR work on Reddit?

How to tackle the Wild West of a reluctant social community, by Emily Barnes For brands, Reddit it is new and relatively unchartered territory- and for good reason. For those who need a quick briefing, the social news networking site is a space where registered users share news, thoughts or images as either links or…

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Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders

‘Don’t kill the new biz prospect’, And other tips from AbFab

By Georgie Travis We had a team night out this week to see the eagerly anticipated Ab-Fab film.  As a bunch of PR professionals, dressed in knock-off Lacroix, oversized sunnies and fluffy sliders it seemed fitting to preface the showing with a steady bar crawl and slew of prosecco; off to a good start then.…

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